Hey guys,

My name is Pederson Tucker.

A little bit about myself. Being a keen observer and quick learner, new stuff has always intrigued me. I believe there’s never an end to how much you can learn, develop, and grow in today’s day and age.

My latest obsession has been funnel-building tools such as SamCart, Deadline Funnel, Catflows, and more.

Being an online seller myself, I am constantly looking to optimize my site and well boost my business. That’s when I bumped into SamCart and it was an instant match to my requirements.

So basically SamCart is a checkout platform that offers you a variety of checkout templates for your site, with so many options that you’re going to feel it’s Candyland for your business.

SamCart ensures conversions on your site, so when most people on other sites only add things to their cart and leave it be, in your case, SamCart will be ensuring at least a few of those will convert.

It gives you amazing templates and options that involve one-click upsell, order bumping, subscriptions, and various payment plan choices. Keep the customer engaged, interested, and make sure to maximize your profits with every sale.

Let me explain the features a tad bit more. So upselling means offering an extra something to go along with the sale that has already been made. An addition of some sorts such as dessert after dinner.

Now SamCart has a one-click option for your customers that saves a lot of time and is immediately sold on the idea as well. Then there’s a one-page checkout. So all the options for payment can be added on one single page, again saving your customers extra time and hassle. This is one of my favorite features of SamCart.

It makes buying so easy that people will want to buy more. It also lets you compare between other checkout pages and run live split tests so you can figure out what your checkout page is lacking.

That is one unique feature right there offered by no other similar product. Then you get cross-selling, which is offering something related to the product already bought. For example, insurance with a car. Trust me guys, people are bound to fall for it and your conversions will skyrocket in no time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that I have introduced to you. But there’s so much more.

If you’re as sold as I am on SamCart or any other product, you can reach me through the contact us option available on our site and I’ll try to respond as early as possible.

I am is also an active contributor in other projects such as: GizmoBaseBloggersideas, ImageStation, AffiliateBay, and Expert Hoot.