8+ Best Countdown Timer Tools To Drive Urgency On Your Sales Pages And Emails

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Are you a digital marketer trying to gain customers for your products? Are your sales target far from achieving, and you need help? If the answer to all my questions is ‘yes,’ then I am sure you have an urgent need to view this article – ‘Best Countdown Timer Tools.’

You must be wondering how Countdown Timers can be used in this digital world as it sounds like something related to time.

No doubt, it is related to time, and indeed as we all know, time is money, so just without wasting a second, go glance into the information. 


OptinMonster is a plugin that helps create rapid results in sales growth. It allows you to use it and convert the public abandoning your websites into actual consumers.


This timer allows you to create a dynamic, evergreen countdown timer. The additional point is that it also allows you to make regular or static countdown timers.

For all those out there who are doing their research on countdown timers and are confused or have incomplete knowledge, do not worry, my article will save you. I have done rigorous research with my team and have shared all the major knowledge about countdown timers.

In this article, you will be reading:

  • The meaning of countdown timer and where and how it is precisely used
  • The types of countdown timers
  • The basic overview, features, and pricing of some of the best countdown timers, namely:
  1. Deadline Funnel
  2. OptinMonster
  3. Seed Prod
  4. Countdown Timer Ultimate
  5. Countdown Builder
  6. Evergreen Countdown
  7. WordPress Countdown widget
  8. Hurry Timer

You will get details on the features each brand has to offer along with their pricing. This way, you can see if the money is worth spending. But here, we will be starting with the Deadline funnel. Why exactly? Well, Tune in to the article, and you will know it all.

What is a Countdown Timer? 

Countdown timer tools

A countdown timer is a device or a plugin that helps you show a timer on your website or lead pages and counts down to the date or time limit set explicitly.

However, when you need to increase your leads within the specific time or deadline and mark changes while analyzing your growth, countdown timers can serve as a best friend and keep informing you about your development and enhancing your businesses’ speeds. There are two types of countdown timers.

They are  Normal countdown timers and evergreen timers. Let us view them in detail.

Normal Countdown Timer:

You can call it a static timer as it has a fixed countdown always for everyone.

It only counts down to a particular time or date is specified. For example, it can be for the launch of a program, the time to make a website live, or any offer. It shows the same counting for everyone who views it, irrespective of when they visited the countdown timer’s page.

Evergreen Timer:

This timer can be called a dynamic or a changing count-down timer, as it varies from person to person. It starts the main countdown when someone visits your site and tries to show interest in using or making the most use of the offer.

It undoubtedly turns out to be a great marketing strategy, creating a need for urgency to accept a recommendation for a consumer.

Well, now let’s see the need for it in the market.

Why Do You Need It? 

The marketplace has become a race with more competition in this 21st digital century. However, with such a marketplace where everything is a race, there is more demand to be faster than anyone could be.

However, as real-time marathon runners use stopwatches for knowing, comparing, and trying to increase their speeds, don’t you think such a strategy is needed for digital lovers who wish to achieve targets in a specific time and to a particular date?

Guess what?

Digital marketers use the same process as marathon runners by using a countdown timer that similarly counts time till a specific time or organized event. Are you a digital marketer too?

If your answer to my question is ‘yes,’ then let us see some of the countdown timer tools that can serve you best and help you grow leads and increase sales, as it is said that “ Following the right strategies to grow a business is very important.”

So, let’s explore each one of these tools in detail, and let’s see which turns out to be the best.

Best Countdown Timer Tools To Drive Urgency

1. Deadline Funnel:

If you are looking to urgently increase your sales in the market or fall short of the deadline, this can be the best option you can choose.

Deadline funnel countdown timer

It makes many designs available, and you can customize them as per your wish. You will also create or raise campaigns by using evergreen timers. 

However, creating urgency assures the conversion of leads as offers may be limited only up to a specific time.

As in such cases, customers will be compelled to think and purchase something remarkable being shown to them because they are lucky enough and if they back out, they will miss the offer that will not be available for the second time. It also allows us to automate the creation of our sales funnel. 

But I think, if I speak only this much about the Deadline funnel, I will not be doing any justice with it. Let us see more of its features that are a boon with the creation of evergreen timers.

It helps you create evergreen campaigns with deadlines and allows you to keep it going as long as you want it to be run. It adds a personal deadline to every offer for an individual. And even if the user backs out from the website, the countdown will continue to happen from the very first second of visiting.

That is, it saves you from creating campaigns with short deadlines again and again.

It has a limited number of campaigns, and they are all single-time campaigns. This feature could specifically show its importance when there is a festive season going on in the market, and the offers are for a minimal time. For example, you can create a countdown timer for a limited period, say ten days of Christmas.

All you need to do is the creation of such campaigns manually. Quick movements can also be featured in which the timer can be set for a fraction of minutes with readily involving the use of triggers as soon as someone visits the page.

You can also replace or change time settings for the timers, or you can even hide it until a specific time of showing it comes. But you cannot adjust a timer on the header and footer of the same page.

You can also control which pages the timer should appear on.

You can also make changes in your timer’s looks as there are many templates.

It has integrations with many important CRM platforms such as InfusionSoft, WordPress, Paypal, Ontraport, and many more.

The most unexpected and additional feature is that it allows you to add timers into emails. It also causes the easy creation of automated emails and much more.


However, the Deadline funnel cost is not provided as it varies according to your needs and individuals.

2. OptinMonster:

optinmonster- best countdown timer

It is a plugin that helps create rapid results in sales growth. It allows you to use it and convert the public by abandoning your websites into actual consumers, thereby increasing the chances of payments and subscriptions.

You can create static and dynamic timers with its help. Also, you can create several timers and utilize them by sitting or adjusting them on different pages according to your needs. The best way to change this countdown timer is by using a floating bar that is visible at the topmost or bottom most point of your page.

This way, it will make it easy to view it whenever you want. It displays all the steps to create timers that are of utmost help. Also, keep in mind that if you’re going to use the OptinMonster timer, you will have to purchase its pro plan or a plan higher than that.

You can also do the personalization of a timer according to the user’s information such as location, or which page of your website they are accessing and from where they are using it, and much more. 

However, let us see some of its features:

  • It has mobile-specific campaigns.
  • It has countdown timers and also detects the referrers.
  • It also has the option of cart abandonment. 
  • A/B split testing is also there.
  • The number of features increases for better sales conversions according to each specific plan, and value is added.


Optinmonster pricing

It has four plans. They are:

  • The basic plan costs $9 monthly.
  • The plus plan costs $19 monthly.
  • The pro plan costs $29 monthly.
  • The growth plan costs $49 monthly.

3. Seed Prod:

This can be one of your best choices if you are about to launch some event or some beginning page, and you want to make the audience curious while informing them that it may be coming soon.

SeedProud-best countdown timer tools

With its help, you will put up a creative and set up a landing page or put it under maintenance.

This timer allows you to create only static timers, so you can utilize them priorly for the launching of the event or a website, or something significant. The time of day you set will be the launching time of your product and will appear the same for every viewer irrespective of the time they visit the page.

You can also instantly launch your site when the countdown stops. You don’t need to remember it or do it manually.

All you have to do is switch onto the auto-launch feature while setting up a countdown timer on your page.


SeedProd pricing

It comes with four pricing plans:

  1. The basic plan costing around $31
  2. The plus plan costing around $79
  3. The pro plan costing around $159
  4. The elite plan costing $239

4. Countdown Timer Ultimate:

Countdown timer tools- overview

It serves to be the best option when you wish to create a standard countdown timer. It cannot set up dynamic or evergreen countdown timers for individual timers. You can also create several times you want with Countdown Timer Ultimate.

You can also customize their viewing up to some extent. Its pro plan is more enhanced and offers more flexibility with many options, including some text on expiry of countdown or some extra added fantastic design features.

It also has many additional features such as :

  1. More than 8+ clock styles available
  2. It has clock expiry time functionalities.
  3. It has integrated with Ecommerce 
  4. The width of the circle clock can be changed according to the need.
  5. It has animations and shows or hides timer options.
  6. Additionally, best for multilingual users availing multiple languages.


It also has four plans:

  1. The single, one-time payment plan costing $99 with five sites
  2. The annual plan for annual access with unlimited sites costing $199
  3. The one time payment lifetime access plan with unlimited sites costing $199
  4. WordPress hosting for $499 annually with unlimited sites.

5. Countdown Builder:

Countdown timer overview

It was created with different inbuilt styles. Circle countdowns, flipflop countdowns, and the ‘coming soon page are all included under these. You can adjust the timer on a specific position or post of your choice into the WordPress block editor, which comes under the countdown block in widgets.

You can also allow it to be displayed automatically on any post or page. Additionally, an editor is built internally so that you can choose the look of your countdown on your own choice, allowing you to change some things such as font size or any animation styles.

However, the pro plan avails with more benefits such as adding email signup or even scheduling timers before satisfying the options to show or hide the timers on any devices such as smartphones or laptops. 

Some of the features that it is serving  us with  are:

  1. It has more than ten template options.
  2. It is very mobile friendly and easy to use.
  3. Its customer support is also excellent.
  4. It has animations and unique designs.


However, its regular license costs $39

6 . Evergreen Countdown Timer:

Evergreen countdown timer- best countdown timer tools

As the name suggests, this timer allows you to create a dynamic, evergreen countdown timer. The additional point is that it also allows you to make regular or static countdown timers.

You can ultimately select the way of detection of a plugin to target a user that happens either by their IP addresses or cookies.

Once the countdown is over, your visitor can be redirected with a new URL.

For example, we can send them to the login page if you can count down for your new course or launch. With its pro plan, the additional feature that awaits you is that you can change the font’s color for your timer. With its help, you can also avail of a timer for a necessary number of spots or tickets.

7. WordPress Countdown widget :

It is a free plugin, and you may have got excited as everyone likes freebies. Also, it is created to have a drag and drop interface. It can be used to create as many timers as you want for your site.

It helps you add timers on any pages or posts using shortcodes. Its official plugin website has mentioned all the necessary steps for its usage. It also counts up from a past point rather than counting down until a future moment.

For example, you can create a plugin to find how long it has been since someone’s birth or death, specifically a significant event. You can also calculate the time since your company started or how long you have been running a website.


  1. It offers a free version too.
  2. However, its pro version pricing starts from $19.99 onwards and changes according to the features required by you.

8. Hurry Timer:

Hurry Timer- best countdown timer tools

You can create both the type of timers with its free version. Also, it uses cookies or detects IP addresses for individual visitors for displaying the correct time.

You can set a countdown between two dates or days using this. This can turn out to be very useful if you are getting prepared for a sale or a relaxing business day. It collaborates with WooCommerce, though you do not need to use WooCommerce running simultaneously. You can display your timer as many times as you want, even on the same page.

If you purchase or have its pro version in the store, you will create and fix a timer that runs according to your specified rules that are a recurring timer. With this pro version, you could start a timer and adjust it on the topmost bar to make it visible 24/7.


Hurry Timer pricing and tools

  1. It offers a free version too.
  2. Otherwise, it has four plans.
  3. The personal cost $39 per year
  4. The marketer plan costing $79 per year
  5. The agency plan for $139 per year
  6. The agency plus plan for $ 249 per year.

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FAQs Related To Best Countdown Timer Tools:

✅ What to do if the consumers delete the cookies?

You need not worry as such visitors’ IP addresses are also detected, and deleting cookies does not negatively impact your website visitors’ rate.

🔥 Which is the best countdown timer, in my personal opinion?

It is absolutely none other than the Deadline funnel.

👉 What are the best, static countdown timers or dynamic countdown timers?

They cannot be compared as both have their specific use for different tasks and different times and dates. They just can be reached that static timers show the same countdowns for all. In contrast, evergreen countdown timers show it differently to individuals depending on the time they first visited the site.

💼 What to do when you don't know how to set timers according to these different timers?

Most of these timers have mentioned instructions for using them on their official websites. All you need is to visit them.

💥 What is the need for timers, and what could have been the businesses’ scenario if timers were not there?

We would have run short of time and never understood the demand and importance of targeted sales that we need to achieve with deadlines. Also, along with countdowns, timers provide many unique features that increase audiences’ curiosity and reach.

Conclusion: Best Countdown Timer Tools | Which One Should You Go With?

As mentioned above in detail, we viewed every best countdown timer tool on a zoomed-in view. However, all the countdown timers are outstanding and unique with different features.

All I can say is that you can choose any one of them according to your budgets, business types, and targets and according to your needs. Personally, if I had to suggest the best countdown timer tools, I would say that the Deadline funnel is the best timer I have ever tried.

It all started with my dream of emerging as a successful business runner in my society when I came across it the second time on Google after my friend who had made several sales in a couple of weeks of her business start.

However, as I already mentioned, Deadline Funnel is associated with urgency as its name conveys the story. What I liked most about it were its evergreen campaigns. I made a fair amount of money using it in my business as a trick of intelligent marketers.

Overall, my experience was excellent, and I have been using it for a year with so much ease and made the most out of it on Halloween by placing 4-day offers.

Since then, I am earning sufficient amounts in fewer hours of working and less manual effort.

So all you can do is, just like me, Go and try the Dropdead funnel and you will be astonished to see your results only after some days of using it while comparing it to day one. I will stop appreciating here and let you explore to enjoy it too.

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Deadline Funnel is associated with urgency as its name conveys the story. What I liked most about it were its evergreen campaigns. I made a fair amount of money using it in my business as a trick of intelligent marketers.

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