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Are you new to the business world?

Finding a worthy platform to sell your product?

Struggling hard to make your product mark in this competitive world?

Then you are on the right page, yes, SamCart is a onestop destination for all your problems. SamCart provides you a platform to showcase your products. Join the community of 1000+ businesses and sell your product.

Of course, there are many other digital marketing websites available to serve your needs, but  SamCart has brought its uniqueness to stand out your product among the crowd.

Right from sellers to buyers, makers to customers, marketing to delivering, SamCart has extended its feathers to serve all kinds of individuals as well as platforms. It specifically helps out the influencersauthors, course creators, nonprofits, amazon or Etsy sellers, product investors, and many others.

Get your product featured through SamCart and build your market. If you want to get detailed insight into Samcart then check out our Samcart Review.

How to Change the URL on SamCart 2022: Overview

Samcart has created a history in the eCommerce world. It is the first and only eCommerce platform that directs the seller to the consumer.SamCart is built to sell products but not brands.

SamCart Overview

SamCart is a web application for shopping, it is built to bring the business owner or startup entrepreneur and customers on one platform. It has features of conversion, optimizes templates, 1click upsells, order bump, subscription, and payment plans.

These features help your product to gain potential customers and helps the customers in easy buying. Therefore you can see positive growth in your sales, increase the value of your customers as well as ease your business.

SamCart was established by Scott Moran and Brain in 2013.

SamCart has 10,000+ businesses connected, acquired a sale of 8.7 Million products, 1.5 billion+ dollars processed,43% average conversion lift. The users of SamCart have seen more than 2X raise in their business than through any other platform.

How is it helpful?

As said earlier SamCart is a web application for any online business. It provides beautiful templates to design for your product, provides insights into your product, records the track of your progress. Helps in raising up-sells and funnels.

It gives you a complete package of what customers look for in a shopping cart web application.

It provides the following facilities:

Order summary

Samcart provides your customers with their orders in a short yet effective way. it shares the details of their product like size, color, price, and a picture of the product. This helps the customer to build trust in the vendor and helps the customer to verify his purchase much sooner and easier.

Mobile Friendliness

SamCart has seen a drastic change in the usage of mobile phones over laptops and desktops. So it’s important to build a web application where the customers can get attracted to your product and enhance the visibility of the product.

Billing and Shipping

SamCartart has a systematic way for billing, as customers would like to fill a form for once and get annoyed if the information is asked for n times, so its SamCart has a specific way to hold on to customer’s interest and trust.

Simple layout

Samcart has a simple and clean layout which helps the customers to understand your product in a very easy way. It provides a clean and easy process that helps your product to get easily attracted.

Limit your question

Samcart asks only for the reliable and important questions to your customers, like the name of the customer, address of the customer, email id, and contact number, and finally mode of payment which can be cash on delivery, card payment, PayPal, or any other method.

What is a Custom URL?

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a string to create a reference to a resource.

It is an ability to set it for your accounts, could be business or enterprise account which allows you to redirect your signers to the web page of your choice and have signed the template or a document.

You have always the option to lock the URL for your team members or could set aside unlock which implies everyone has individual control on the URL.

Why One Should Use a Custom URL?

It is mostly required for branding purposes as one of the vital places to brand and out shows your business is in the URLs.

By making a URL, it is easier to search for the top sites to find where your URL ranks.

It is the text that connects and links to a web page.

One of the influential factors to rank your web page in Internet searches.

It is often highlighted by your sales.

How to Change the URL?

url change on samcart

A clean, attractive URL is always required and important to have detail in web-application.

How to change/set URL

1) It is really necessary to connect your URL to Samcart.

2) The next step goes with registering your URL.

3) Set-up and get along with Cloudflare.

4) In the NAME record, set Cloudflare DNS inside.

5) Full SSL should be enabled.

6) Samcart should include your custom URL.

7) Now, add your custom URL to the additional products. 

How to Start?

There are three simple steps to get started.

1) Time to show your product

With your powerful designed templates and content builder, you can have a page of your own which will automatically attract and convince buyers of what you are selling.

2) Promotion     

It is required to promote your page to inform your targeted audience. It can be put on any website, or for a paid advertisement or any social media sites like Facebook or Instagram or any blog website and many more.

3) To increase your sales

The third step here comes to how to boost up your sales. Here, you are connected to features that will turn down and help you track visitors or sales. It will simplify your business and get your customer lifetime value.

Features: How to Change the URL on SamCart

Features are the one thing that describes the product or a service or a website.

What it intends to offer becomes the features.

So, here is some listed feature of Sam Cart that makes it unique and the best to use with what amazing they wish to serve.

1). Color Template Presets    

Templates can be easily checked out and different color schemes are offered which can be changed or switched to match with the branding.



It is the best feature to design your templates with awesome vibrant colors to match your branding.

2). The Checkout Cure

It is delivered to every new customer through Email to sell with one little step each day. Includes everything from the first product to the usage of click upsells. Surely, new customers are going to love it.

Checkout Cure Samcart


It benefits the new-be on how to use the SamCart. Tutorials are being provided to give training to the new ones to grow their business and learn more about Samcart.

3). The Speed of Checkouts as Fast as Twice

The good news comes with that our development team has produced un-sexy background work which every user of Sam cart will cherish. With this, there is a cut in the Check out speeds almost in half.


With this feature, you will be able to manage your time as it cuts down the speed in half to load the checkout pages.

4). Support of Multi-Language

To select a particular language, use the dropdown menu, the whole page will automatically convert into the language chosen by you.

Multilanguage Support Samcart

This offers one of the best features as you can market your audience in their languages which will automatically help in upgrading your sales. One mantra, sell more products in very little time. You can set the checkout page in languages like English, Spanish, or even Mandarin and so many more.


Talking to someone in their regional language helps in building the connection stronger. With this, feature one can communicate in their language to the customers providing faith and understanding increasing sales.

5). Pixel Tracking  

If you are curious about which link created real sales for your business, by hunting down your advertisement or E-mails, then it is a thrill to place it on pixel tracking onto Sam Cart checkout pages. All you need to do is copy-paste the tracking script and Sam Cart will be going perfectly to track the setup. It’s best not to involve any web developer to help you get your tracking set-up.


It is a technical feature that helps in tracking down your sales for the business. You do not need to outsource this to any developer and hence, saving money and getting your work done by Sam Cart.

6). Easy shipping and handling

According to your customer’s location, you can charge variable shipping and handling charges. It’s a light-weight tool to get your job done so easily.

Shipping and handling Samcart


It is easy to charge a flat fee based on the country of the customers. Here, some pre-loaded zones can be used to set rates, quickly rather than having settings for each of the countries on this planet.

7). Supports Physical Products

With the simplicity of Sam Cart, it aims at helping to sell the physical products. It is exciting to have to switch many physical product sellers to Sam Cart.



It officially supports Physical Products. It comes up as one of the best features that help you to switch sellers to Sam Cart.

Why Select Samcart?

Samcart is an online shopping cart that helps in creating checkout pages for users under 30 minutes to sell information about products, physical and digital products, or subscription services.

It is also known as the 1-Page Funnel.

Coupon code is commonly used in sales funnel which will help the market professions to develop their e-commerce business to get maximum profits from their sales.

Samcart also has excellent customer service, when you have difficulty in knowing your technical issues Samcart will step right with their customer support to clear all the doubts of the customers and find the best alternative solutions for their problems.

The timings of customer support on weekdays will be from 9 AM to 5 PM. They have the following support for their customers such as Help Centre a Documentation, Live Chat, Email Support, and Facebook Groups.

Unfortunately, Samcart does not have a call line option where they can speak with their customers but with the live chat option available they try to contact and solve customers’ problems within 24 hours.

This is my honest opinion on SamCart, and I believe a lot of you can benefit from the use of a tool like this. So I have included a bit more detail below!

Pricing: How to Change the URL on SamCart

Sam cart comes with three plans:-

Samcart Pricing

Here are some main features listed which you will get regardless of the plan you choose:-

1) Process of the payment   

2) Can check up the pop-ups

3) An SSL certificate             

4) Many discounts

And yes in all these plans, some features are there which tops as the hottest features. So, just do not forget!!

1) Smart tracking of pixels

2) Highly advanced subscriptions

3) Here, products are unlimited

Now, let’s deep down in the plan one by one.

It has three versions of the plan.

1) SamCart Launch Plan

2) SamCart Grow Plan

3) SamCart Scale Plan

Sam Cart Launch Plan  

When you choose Sam Cart, this is the first-ever plan to be offered.

Samcart perfect for the ones who wish to showcase their products on an attractive beautiful one-page website.  

Unique perks of Launch Plan are:-

1) You will be provided by 1 user.

2) Sales reports and dashboard is being provided.

3) Knowledge and forms of E-mails are things for customer support.

The cost of the pan is $49 per month.

So, this whole goes for the Launch Plan

So, let’s move forward!!

SamCart Grow Plan

So, here goes the second plan you can choose from.

It invites you to offer the best for those who wish to accomplish two tasks:-

1) To convert your visitors

2) The value of sales and customers can be increased.

Highlighted advantages of this plan as compared to the first one:- 

1) Here you will get 3 users.

2) UTM tracking and reporting in your pockets.

3) There is no Sam Cart branding, it is white-labeled.

Unique features that will help you to grow your sales:-

1) Different options for the payment   

2) Upsells are post-purchase.

3) Fields for custom checkout

4) Highly advanced subscription cancellations.

The price of the plan starts at $99 per month.

As it is clear the price had doubled so as the benefits.

Now let’s go to the last plan.

SamCart Scale Plan

Very last plan to pick from Sam Cart.

A perfect plan for the ones who need:-

1) Scale

2) To grab all the whistles and bells of Sam Cart.

The upgraded feature of this plan is:-

1) You will have 10 users.

Advanced features to go along with this plan are:-

1) More sales by Subscription saver.

2) Self-cancellations of customers which means fewer support issues.

$199 per month is the price of the SamCart Scale Plan.

Regardless of whichever plan you choose, you will always enjoy SamCart.

Pros and Cons: How to Change the URL on SamCart

The pros and cons of any topic tell you its respective advantages and disadvantages for any topic.

You can get to know whether you should invest in a particular product or website or content and what would it be worth and how much time it’ll take on the respective topics.

You can fetch a complete gist in the following pros and cons of Samcart.


  • Sam cart has one of the best email autoresponders presents.
  • It is always changing and updating its features.
  • You can track customers through split testing and it has extraordinary Facebook active groups.
  • It is easy to create funnels on Samcart and it can be done quickly.
  • The integration of multiple platforms is present inside of Sam’s cart.
  • Samcart is designed to maximize profits from sales.
  • It is helpful for online retailers to gain profits.
  • There’s a 14-Days money-back guarantee and money risk-free.
  • Samcart sellers can make up to a maximum of five times profits compared to other average sellers.
  • Designed as easy set-up and can quickly grow small businesses.
  • You can sell multiples and unlimited products on Samcart.
  • A person who has a physical product, digital products, subscription services, or memberships can be benefited from Samcart.
  • Template libraries can be used to different numbers of templates which helps in growing businesses.


  • It is extremely expensive. Everyone cannot invest in the prescribed subscriptions but you can get access to advanced features with the subscription services available.
  • There’s an issue with customer service as well. They will respond to your problems between 1 min up to 24 hours.
  • Samcart pricing plans are available for monthly and yearly subscriptions. They are divided into three categories. They are as follows:
  • 1. Launch Plan
  • 2. Grow Plan and
  • 3. Scale Plan.
  • Launch Plan costs $49 per month.
  • Grow Plan costs $99 per month and it costs $888 yearly.
  • Scale Plan costs $199 per month and it costs $1788 yearly.
  • Samcart is not a landing page builder. If anyone’s expecting to do it as a landing a builder then they would be disappointed. However, it helps you grow one’s e-commerce business successfully with correct implementation measures.
  • Samcart’s upsells and templates are not unique. It might convert traffic to dive into other platforms.
  • Samcart does not integrate the payments through Google Pay or Apple Pay but you can still pay the amount for subscriptions through Pay-Pal and Stripe.

Quick Links


👉 Samcart is the right choice for you?

There are a lot many set-up website pages available and are a competition to Samcart. Samcart you can set-up pages easily and you can set-up multiple products in under 30 minutes. It is a powerful platform for any Internet marketer. Samcart helps you gain five times into profits than what you are investing in. It is a growth platform with a lot of opportunities for users who are opening small businesses to large companies who are marketing professionals.

👉 What is the cost of Samcart?

Samcart is divided into three categories. They are as follows: Launch Plan Grow Plan and Scale Plan. In the Launch Plan, the subscription for the users is monthly and it costs $49 per month. You can try it and get your money back with a risk-free money guarantee in under 14 days. In the Grow Plan, the subscription for the users is monthly and yearly as well. It costs $99 per month and $888 yearly. In the Scale Plan, the subscription for the users is monthly and yearly available. It costs $199 per month and $1,788 yearly.

👉 Is it worth it to buy Samcart?

Samcart is used to view and sell information about products physically or digitally and get maximum profits. Samcart is helpful for small businesses to grow their business individually. It is easy to use and can be done quickly to view unlimited products.

Conclusion: How to Change the URL on SamCart 2022

Samcart is a powerful platform for ante Internet Marketer.

It has lots of competition but what makes it unique and different from others as it is easy to use interface which as a new drag-and-down editor option that will let you build amazing checkout pages which are unique and different from the competitors and separates you from the competitors and makes you stand out from others and easy to spot.

There are many advanced features added in Samcart which help you in boosting your business growth. One of the features which were added recently is Page Editor.

You can easily set-up pages to test in five minutes. Samcart makes it easy to convert traffic into different categories which consist:

Whole Checkout Pages and

Thank You, Pages.

The traffic which comes into your website can be daunting sometimes because a lot of people view your content through Google Ads or Facebook Ads. So, Samcart has segregated each category to its own which can easily convert traffic into segregated categories.

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